Events and workshops are among our favorite things at Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness. If you've been wondering what Reiki is, or want to take a class to further your learning on Chakras, or just want to explore other ways toward wellness, then our workshops are for you! Check back often to see what new offering we have for you! *Also note, Yoga room rental is available – please call for pricing.   


Beginner Yoga Series starts Saturday, November 4th
Saturdays from 10:30am-11:30am for 6 weeks (No class on Nov 25th)

If you are brand new to yoga or want to reconnect with the basics, the Beginner Yoga Series is the perfect class for you and it’s always a great time to start! Come and enjoy a supportive and compassionate environment where everyone is a beginner.  We will explore basic postures (asana) to get you moving and breathing techniques (pranayama) to deepen your breath capacity. You will learn yogic terminology, discover meditation practices to quiet the chatter of your mind, release stress, and gain insight into the principles of yoga philosophy. Our intention in the Beginner Yoga Series is to help you develop a lifelong love for yoga. Each week we will explore a new dimension of the practice. Therapeutic alignment, details, and special needs will be addressed as you learn to use props that aid in the practice and modifications of new postures. Props are a great tool to help your body explore this ancient and transformative practice.  Your questions are encouraged and serve to help others in the class gain a deeper understanding. So please don’t be afraid to ask!
The supportive and compassionate environment of this series will provide you with the necessary foundation to develop a safe and rewarding yoga practice. Walk in a beginner and leave confident to explore the next phase of your practice!  (Space is limited - Pre-registration required)
$70.00 for series only
$100.00 for Beginner Package (6 weeks series plus One Month Unlimited Yoga to start after series is finished)    
*Sorry, no walk ins for this series or make up dates on classes missed*
Sign up online or call the studio at 616-392-7580

Yoga Nidra Workshop
Sunday, November 5th from 1:30pm-3:30pm
*per registration & pre payment required*

Yoga Nidra
means “yogic sleep” or what we like to call a "Power Nap". It is deep relaxation with a slight trace of awareness. Its intention is to release tension in the body and mind as to feel more rested, energized, calm, and free of stress. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation where the student lies down and is completely receptive to instruction. This is a very powerful, transformative practice to release muscular, emotional and mental tensions. 1 hour of yoga nidra equates to 4 hours of sleep. Because of this, it is a profoundly more powerful way to gain rest and relaxation than sleep. A perfect practice for mid-day or before bed. Great for anyone needing a break from the stresses of life…which is to say, everyone!  No yoga experience necessary.  We encourage you to wear comfortable clothes and to bring anything else to make yourself comfy, yoga mats, blankets, pillows, bolsters, eye pillows, etc as you will be laying on the floor for an extended amount of time.Workshop will be led by Monika Krimendahl
Sign up online or call the studio at 616-392-7580

Acupuncture Community Session - $5.00
Sunday, October 15 at 5:30pm
Please arrive 15 minutes early if you haven't been to a session before
Pre-registration is appreciated - call or sign up at the studio today!  616-392-7580
Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification is a wellness protocol that involves five pins in each ear to help restore the mind, body, and spirit to balance.
According to more than 5,000 years of practice, history, and tradition, Chinese medicine holds that when the extensive and complete energy system that flows through the body along 12 main meridians flows freely, the body is in balance and healthy. But interruptions and blockages to this energy stream causes stagnation, illness, disease, discomfort, and mood disturbance. Simply stated, needles are inserted to get the energy flowing more freely and restore balance and wholeness to the body. Auricular acupuncture creates healing in the hormonal, nervous, muscular, and vascular systems.
The session offers education about the benefits of auricular acupuncture and a meditative experience while receiving acu-detox. Five, tiny and sterile acupuncture pins will be placed in each ear and left in place for 15-45 minutes. Acu-detox is considered a non-invasive procedure and is specifically designed for non-medical settings. The five points of insertion are:
Shenmen or Spirit Gate: Used for calming and relaxation. Helps to manage stress. Promotes concentration, attention, and focus.
Sympathetic Nervous System: Offers pain management. Used for relieving tension and promoting peace of mind. Soothes trauma responses and stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, etc. Calms the digestive system.
Kidney: Used to strengthen the body. Allows release of fear and increases access to the body’s wisdom. 
Liver: Used to detoxify the body and emotions. Helps to process unresolved grief. 
Lungs: Opens respiration. Facilitates the inhalation of pure air and emotions, while ridding the body of impurities and negative emotions

Free introductory class on Wednesday, October 18th at 11:00am at Bodhi Tree

This gentle, slow-moving and relaxing movement program can help you naturally relieve chronic pain resulting from: 
  • Stiff joints
  • Accidents/trauma
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • High-tension levels held throughout the body
You'll also learn how your brain maintains tension levels in your muscles based on your usage and past injuries. Once you learn how to reset those tension levels, your brain will operate you at a higher level of muscular coordination, as you reset core and other major muscles back to optimum levels. Sometimes we think we are weak, but often it's a situation where background tension is so high we need to bring a ballistic force to walking or movement to overcome that background tension. Come to our free introductory class to learn more!
You'll learn some of the basics and also have a special lesson on relaxing your facial muscles. In past classes, people have added a glow to their skin and some have even reduced wrinkles! Bring your camera phone to compare your before/after photos. 
Take control over your muscles, learn about neurophysiology.  For more details click here

Your Somatic Teacher: Katherine Kerber, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator
I suffered debilitating back pain from scoliosis for more than a decade. Since my first Somatics session in 1999, “back attacks” are gone from my life. I even changed careers to share the benefits of Hanna Somatics. I taught Hanna Somatics at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation for several years before moving back to the Midwest and settling in Holland. I’m also certified to do this work with horses

Free Reiki Informational Session with Ginjah Knuth
Saturday, October 28th at 10:30am        
Do you know what Reiki is?  Have you always wondered what it was or had questions about it?  Come to this free info session to learn more and get all your questions answered!!
Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on energy system for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects of the person - body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It can also be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth. 

The word "Reiki" is usually translated to mean "Universal Life-Force Energy" or "Spiritual Energy".  "REI" means the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe.  It means the Higher Intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the Universe; the wisdom that comes from God (or Source, the Creator, All That Is) which is all knowing and which understands the need for and the cause of all problems and difficulties, and how to heal them.  "KI" is the life-force energy that flows through every living being - plants, animals, is present in everything around us, including rocks and inanimate objects. 
When we talk about Reiki, we are usually referring to the form of healing practice developed by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926), a Japanese Buddhist monk who, after many years of study, discovered a way of accessing and using this healing energy, and of passing this ability on to other people.  Ginjah has been a Reiki-Master Teacher since 1992.  Click here for her bio
Pre-registration is appreciated - call or sign up at the studio today!  616-392-7580

Mindfulness & Meditation Class with Sherry Petro-Surdel

Sunday, October 29th from 3:00pm-3:45pm  
  $10.00             (pre-registration is appreciated)

Restorative and Healing Meditation Class
Meditation can be restorative for not only our minds but also our bodies.  This class will focus on restoring our bodies.  Whether there is dis-stress in our body due to injury, dis-ease, or over working it, meditation can de-stress our body.  Join us for a time of body connection and relief through Meditation.

  Sherry Petro-Surdel:   Sherry is a gifted Life Coach, Public Speaker, Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Pastor and workshop presenter with over 20 years of experience inspiring and motivating individuals and groups to turn their dreams into reality. Sherry weaves wisdom from a multitude of sources (Psychology, World Religions, New Thought, and Universal Truths) into life lessons that are easy to apply. Sherry is inspiring, gentle, loving, and deeply spiritual in all her endeavors. Her unique, soft spoken but success motivated style has made her a sought after speaker and event presenter.Sherry completed her first book, A VOICE OF REASON. She also recently completed a meditation CD, THE SECRET PLACE which is a collection of guided meditations accompanied by Native American flute music. You can listen to each track individually or you can listen to the whole CD to accommodate the time you have devoted to meditation. The possibilities are endless as you personalize your meditation and mindfulness practices. This CD has been highly acclaimed by both experienced, and those beginning the practice of meditation.

High 5 Communications Resources is now offering Fun Foundations classes starting Monday, September 11th - click here for more details
Baby Sign Language Classes started September 25th - click here for more details

Exercise for Healthy Aging Workshop Series 

2 Upcoming Series: Wednesdays September 11 - October 9; Saturdays October 21 - November 18 at 1:30 PM
This is a 5-week series of 75-minute workshops where you will discover how to use exercise to age as well as possible. You will learn about normal aging changes in the body, how to assess your current physical status, daily behaviors that can either accelerate or slow down age-related decline, and specific exercises that target the vital areas of fitness as we age (posture, strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance). Most importantly, you will discover how to be proactive about your health and physical functioning so you can stay as mobile and independent as possible well into your older years! Come to one workshop, or all 5. Details and registration here

All ages and functional levels welcome.  Please tell instructor if you are dealing with specific injuries or concerns.


Tai Ji Beginner Series starts Wednesday, September 13th
Wednesdays from 9:30am-10:30am for 7 weeks
Tai Ji, a form of martial art, originates from ancient China. It is practiced throughout the world as an effective exercise for health. Tai Ji consists of fluid, gentle movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo. It can be practiced almost anywhere and is a suitable form of exercise for just about anyone.  The moving meditation of Tai Ji integrates mind and body and spirit. It can help build balance and coordination, improve mental acuity and strengthen the mind/body connection. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Tai Ji helps improve metabolic rate, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen uptake, immune capacity, and fall prevention.  Tai Ji classes are movement oriented with a mix of body alignment/awareness, Qi Gong integrated breathing exercises, Tai Ji principles and Tai Ji forms.
$70.00 for 7 weeks (pre registration required)
*Sorry, no walk ins for this series or make up dates on classes missed*

About the instructor:  Pam Landes been practicing Tai Ji for 20+ years. She has taught Tai Ji and Qi Gong for 5+ years and is certified as an instructor to Tai Ji for Arthritis. Pam’s classes blend the yin and yang of playfulness and discipline with a focus on freeing and directing the flow of chi.


Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio is now a Silver&Fit participating fitness facility!  Silver&Fit is designed specifically to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education.  Silver&Fit provides eligible members with no-cost or low cost fitness memberships through arrangements with certain health plans.  Silver&Fit is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated.
If your health plan offers Silver&Fit and you would like more information, please contact Melanie at 616-392-7580.  You may also visit Silver&Fit at  Silver&Fit is a federally registered trademark of American Specialty Health Incorporated

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